Wilderness to Blockchain

Editions by Marco Grassi

SOLD OUT! 🎉 🎉 🎉

8 years in the making

88 images

8888 copies

Editions of 10, 33, 69, 111, 420


About the drop

I want to give back to the people who constantly support me & my work. With this drop, anyone who connects with my art has now a chance to own one of my pieces for free.

For the first time since I entered the NFT space, I have decided to release editions instead of 1/1, in order to be able to increase the supply and set a 0 ETH mint price.

“Wilderness to Blockchain - Editions” features 88 images captured over the span of 8 years, divided into editions of 10, 33, 69, 111 and 420, for a total of 8888 copies.

These are all real images of real moments I've experienced. Some might look unreal, but that's the result of my obsession with trying to have all the elements aligning at the same time. There is a massive amount of work behind every shot, such as planning, traveling, hiking, waiting for days for the right conditions and, ultimately, the post processing. This is basically what I do with my life, I follow the sun & try to capture unique moments in nature. Sure thing is that I always enjoy the process and capturing each one of these images has filled me with joy.

These are uncertain times, so I’m hoping that owning one of these pieces will bring you the same joy and make you feel good about life.

The Team

Marco Grassi - Artist
Buildship - Dev team
Jessica Lancia - Mod
Felix Inden - Mod
Jean Carlos - The Discord Wizard


Wen mint?

Presale: starts 25th of July at 4:20pm CEST time ends 27th of July 4:20pm CEST

Public sale: 27th of July at 5:20pm CEST time

Is there a Discord?

Yes, I strongly suggest you to join the discord to have access to all future announcements regarding the drop.

What's the mint price?

The mint is FREE, you 'll only have to pay the gas fee.

How do I get on presale? 

First you must have one of the following roles:
OG member, Fam member, Earth Canvas collector, 1/1 collector

*Please note that the role alone doesn't mean you are signed up to the allowlist. The role only grants you the access to the allowlist. Make sure to register via the #allowlist channel on discord.

How do I get a role?

Early members of my Discord will automatically get the "OG Member" role (Now closed).

I will handpick a few "Fam Member" via discord and twitter (no grinding). What I will be looking for are true fans and friends that don't own any of my works yet.

If you are one of my existing collectors, (of any of my 1/1 or of images from Earth Canvas) you will have to verify yourself on Discord via collab.land to gain your role.

I'm not on the allowlist, how do I mint?

If you don't have a role you will have to wait for the public sale, starting July 27th at 5:20pm CEST time

How many NFTs can I mint?

It will depend on your role. Please see details below.

Allowlist (NOW CLOSED):
- OG member role 1 mint per wallet
- Fam Member 2 mint per wallet
- Earth Canvas collector role 5 mint per wallet
- 1/1 Collector role 15 mint per wallet

Partners projects:
-1 mint per wallet.

Public sale:
- 2 mint per wallet.

Is there a road map?

No, not really. I suggest you to collect a piece only if you vibe with the art and/or the artist.

How do I buy an NFT?

In order to buy an NFT you will need to have a wallet.
The most popular wallet is MetaMask, you can download it as a browser extension and buy crypto with credit card directly from it.

These NFTs are free but you will still need to pay a small gas fee.

Where can I buy from secondary?

You can buy images from secondary on OpenSeaLooksRare

What crypto do I need?

Wilderness to Blockchain - editions is on the Ethereum (ETH) blockchain. So you will need to have at least a little amount of ETH to cover the gas fees.